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The usage of Ad Blocking applications and its influence on advertisers

Different websites and applications make profits not from the traffic of users on their medium but from the ads available on it. With the growing percentage of people having access to the internet, advertisers assign some of their efforts and budget to the online medium. Not only do they have to prepare online content but also they have to buy ads for this content to reach various users. With so much content of other competitors, companies should not count only on the quality of their content to reach customers, which is termed as organic reach. They have to pay ads so as not to waste their online campaigns and to guarantee that it would reach their target audience. On the other side, internet users are bombarded with ads everywhere they go; they feel surrounded. That is why; they resort to ad-blocking soft wares. Perhaps, the impact is felt more in Europe and US but since the world has become a small village, Egyptians will start using ad-blocking tools soon enough. The organization of Internet Advertising Bureau in UK has asked a sample of English citizens why they block online ads. The below graph shows their replies, which make us understand the users’ mentalities. Mainly, they all complain about the ads’ interception while surfing the internet.

How do the ad-block programs work? They simply hide ads from appearing. This is very damaging to websites’ businesses. Here are some statistics showing the spreading of ad-blocking tools used across the globe.

Now, with so many people using ad-blocking applications, the threat is enormous. The below graph shows the severe negative impact and the global economic cost of blocking ads applications.

“Brands will be forced to shift even more of their resources to social media, native advertising and influencer campaigns”. Advertisers will have to catch the attention of users by offering a visually appealing content and be very active on the multiple channels of social media. They would launch their media not only on Facebook but on the rising star Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

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