Performance Marketing
Jovialty, a burgeoning name in the natural cosmetics industry, offers a range of products that merge quality with the purity of nature. Targeting environmentally conscious consumers, Jovialty has established itself as a brand synonymous with sustainability and efficacy.


Despite a loyal customer base, Jovialty faced two primary challenges:
• Scaling Sales: Increasing market competition made it difficult for Jovialty to stand out and attract new customers.
• High Cost Per Order: The existing media buying strategy was not cost-efficient, leading to higher expenses with limited returns.


Our primary goals were:
• Increase Sales Volume: Achieving a significant boost in online sales.
• Reduce Cost Per Order: Optimizing the media buying strategy to lower advertising costs while maintaining sales volume.
• Acquire New users

Strategy and Execution:

Media Buying Approach
We identified key platforms where Jovialty’s target audience was most active, including Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads. A mix of organic content and paid ads was utilized to enhance reach and engagement.
Campaign Design 
Our campaigns featured visually appealing and informative content, focusing on the natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging of Jovialty’s products. We leveraged user-generated content and influencer endorsements for authenticity.
Budget Allocation
We strategically allocated the budget, prioritizing high-performing channels and ad formats. The regular analysis enabled us to redirect funds to the most effective campaigns in real time.

Unique Approach:

• High Conversion Landing Pages: Developed landing pages specifically for Google Ads that were highly informative and encouraged immediate action, such as booking consultations.
• Continuous Optimization: Regularly analyzed ad performance and adjusted strategies for maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.


Our strategy led to remarkable improvements within March 2023 To Jan 2024

Reduced Cost Per Order
increase in online sales
Average Order Value

Analysis and Learnings:

Key learnings include the importance of:
• Targeted advertising based on consumer behavior and preferences.
• Continuous monitoring and adjustment of campaigns for optimal performance.
• The power of authentic, relatable content in driving customer engagement.