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arqqa was first launched and founded in 2011, right after the Egyptian revolution, by Wael Saad (Head of Creative at Yahoo in North Africa & Middle East 2009-2013) Wael saw how people’s interest in social media had differed significantly since then. So, he believed it was the right time to open up his full-fledged marketing agency.

/core values

We define user experience now as the entirety of the user journey throughout a certain brand, not only in websites and mobile applications.

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Long gone the age where organizations used to design and develop Brands, Technologies, Content and Advertising campaigns that is convenient to their resources. Users now are an essential shareholder in any organization in the market, with their behaviour, interaction, and micro and even nano transactions.

Yesterday companies were looking for big transactions, today businesses are all about femto transactions that translate into billions, if scaled properly.

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the flow of business intelligence worldwide, putting any user interface-based application at the forefront of the priorities of any business, because the user in the 21st century is royalty.

Celebrating the Odyssey of Excellence



We uphold transparency in all our dealings, ensuring our clients are always informed, involved, and most importantly satisfied.


At Arqqa Digital, we believe in
building enduring relationships
with our clients, grounded in trust
and mutual respect


Arqqa Digital thrives on agility, swiftly adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


Arqqa Digital is a powerhouse of knowledge, leveraging deep industry insights to create
innovative and effective digital strategies


Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, driving us to deliver
top-notch digital solutions that exceed client expectations


Our adaptability to our partners dynamics and the entirity of the market ecosystem yielded prosperous long term relationships that lasted, for years.