Masheed Gate

Performance MarketingSEO Marketing is an online marketplace offering building solutions to clients through a range of high-quality products and building materials.
Increase in number of referring domains
Keywords in First Page on Google
Increase in number of keywords that rank 1st page on Google and generate traffic
Increase organic traffic year-over-year
In organic clicks on non-branded keywords

Jan 2022 - Client Onboarding - The Challenge:

  • Average total sales per month 40,000 SAR.
  • Weak Brand Positioning.
  • Doubts about scaling on both sides (on-ground and online).
  • Operations was exclusive to Dammam only.
  • Only 50 Products were available.
  • Unstructured tracking framework.
  • Unstructured Campaign Architecture.

Jan 2023 - Growth & Scalability

  • Average total sales per month 300,000 SAR.
  • High Brand Positioning.
  • Operations now expanded to an additional 6 cities.
  • More than 3,000 Products are available.
  • Structured tracking framework that enabled better strategic decision making such as geographical and categorical expansion.
Our belief in data-driven marketing and performance marketing lead us to hammer on gathering previous data and structure it directing towards identifying key challenges and consequently tackle them.


Applying tracking framework and proper setup for conversion on different platforms allow us to identify winner mix. Piloting on different campaign structures, that enables us to reach the optimum campaign structure that impact the direct conversions by 600x. Piloting different creatives throughout different channels and types of media.
Strategy: Implementation of a structured tracking framework and pilot tests of various campaign structures across different channels. Outcomes: A remarkable transformation was achieved with monthly sales escalating to 300,000 SAR, enhanced brand positioning, expansion to six cities, an increase to over 3000 product offerings, and a robust tracking framework, yielding a 600x impact on direct conversions. This summary provides a concise overview of MasheedGATE's journey and achievements within the given timeframe.