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In 2021, myFawry FinTech application was ranked the number one Fintech app in the Middle East, as announced by Forbes magazine. This success was not achieved overnight, but rather through a combination of innovative thinking, strategic planning, and hard work. One of the key players in this success story is Arqqa, a full-fledged digital marketing agency that helped scale the myFawry app to the top with distinguishable performance and app growth campaigns on both Google and Facebook.
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Arqqa led myFawry to achieve 1.9 Million app installs during January 2020 to August 2021, 700K registrations, 1.45 billion impressions, more than 300K added cards, and 1.9 million TRX successful. These numbers were astonishing at the time and still have their own high eco till now in 2023.

Arqqa's strategic input was crucial in helping myFawry achieve its status as the top Fintech app in the Middle East. The agency started a universal app campaign to let myFawry rank in Google search engines using a well-planned targeting methodology on bank card users through some tracking tools and actions on the application. This had a strong impact on understanding the target audience's behavior and directing them to start using the application, resulting in the booming success that made this app the top of the list in all of the Middle East.

Arqqa's team worked closely with myFawry to develop a comprehensive strategy that would drive growth and engagement with the application. The agency's team leveraged its expertise in digital marketing to create campaigns that targeted the right audience with the right message at the right time. They used a combination of data analysis, customer insights, and creative thinking to develop campaigns that would resonate with the target audience and drive engagement with the app.

One of the most significant challenges that Arqqa faced was how to get the myFawry app in front of the right audience. The agency's team tackled this challenge head-on by targeting bank card users through tracking tools and actions on the application. By using this strategy, they were able to reach the right audience and direct them to start using the app.
Another challenge was how to encourage users to engage with the app once they downloaded it. Arqqa's team developed creative campaigns that showcased the benefits of using myFawry and provided users with a seamless and easy-to-use experience. They also developed personalized campaigns that targeted users based on their interests and behaviors, resulting in higher engagement and retention rates. Therefore, this led to huge escalation in the app acquisitions statistics after the great success of the app downloads.

Overall, myFawry's ranking as the number one Fintech app in the Middle East is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both myFawry and Arqqa's teams. Arqqa's strategic thinking and planning were instrumental in helping myFawry achieve its success, and the agency's expertise in digital marketing played a significant role in driving growth and engagement with the app. These astonishing numbers show the power of collaboration and innovation in the digital age, and we can only expect more impressive results in the future.