Neurosurgery Center

Performance Marketing
The Neurosurgery Center, a premier medical facility in Egypt, specializes in advanced neurosurgical treatments and procedures.
Neurosurgery Center


To stand out in a competitive healthcare market and generate qualified leads for their specialized services.


To leverage Google Ads effectively for lead generation, targeting patients in Egypt and the Gulf region, while also maintaining a presence on social media primarily for brand awareness and engagement.

Strategy and Execution:

• Google Ads Focus: Implemented a robust Google Ads strategy aimed at lead generation. The ads were carefully crafted with specific keywords related to neurosurgery and targeted geographically to reach potential patients in Egypt and the Gulf region.
• Social Media for Awareness: Used social media platforms to create awareness about the center's services, expertise, and success stories, rather than as a primary tool for lead generation.

Unique Approach:

• High Conversion Landing Pages: Developed landing pages specifically for Google Ads that were highly informative and encouraged immediate action, such as booking consultations.
• Continuous Optimization: Regularly analyzed ad performance and adjusted strategies for maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.


• Generated over 10,000 leads with a remarkable 70% booking rate.
• Established a unique market position by prioritizing Google Ads for lead generation, differing from competitors who mainly focused on social media.


The Neurosurgery Center's strategic focus on Google Ads for lead generation, complemented by social media for brand building, resulted in significant lead generation, highlighting the effectiveness of their unique digital marketing approach.