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As we all know, what matters to business is getting more inbound leads and boosting conversions. SEO is not just about achieving high rankings, you need to turn clicks and visits into profits. In this exceptional case(Fawry SEO Success Story), we wanted to reach further than the expected and prove our methodology in making a winning branding strategy that’s easy to apply with flexible techniques and Reusable tactics when it comes to SEO campaigns for big successful brands like Fawry.

How we rank Fawry on Google first page with 220 keywords?

We determine the Brand Stage to multiple SEO results.

At ARQQA, we understand that such client needs more than short-term sales.

Smart brands aim to sustain, maintaining the brand position in the consumer’s mind is the most necessary objective especially in mass marketing business that has a good offline footprint.

Our mission is to put Fawry in the right place it deserves online to match all marketing performances, develop an online campaign that works in parallel with offline platforms, and fill online gaps using SEO and SEM.

Successful SEO campaigns require customized strategy built from scratch, in such case we went through an amazing experience and get unexpected results that we’re excited to share with you our SEO success story.

First of all, you need to know what steps we followed to increase the whole traffic by 5 times.

1) Research is always the first step in Marketing

Research is generally the initial process in all marketing strategies; in particular, it’s quite important for SEO to ensure SMART results.
We make sure of having correct information about the target audience and his experience through the web.

2) SEO Competitive Analysis leads to the best practice

You aren’t able to swim in the ocean if you can’t avoid sharks attacks.
By positioning yourself in the widest spot, you guarantee the long life and gain the best benefits.

We use premium websites that specialized in SEO competitive analysis tools to assure accurate numbers and control the competition.

3) Brain-Storming works in SEO

Brain-storming techniques increase the quality of SEO execution, clarify your vision by having good alternatives, and make you ready to implement.

4) SEO Keyword Research to make various choices

Using the best keyword research tools isn’t only what guide to the best outcome,
but choosing the right keyword leads to more relevant and various choices.

These were the main targeted keywords of Fawry:


URL Main Keyword Monthly searches

Last Rank

الصفحة الرئيسية http://fawry.com/ar/ الدفع الالكتروني 590 1
خدمات الدفع الالكتروني 40 1
ماذا أدفع http://fawry.com/ar/what-to-pay/ دفع فواتير 320 3
رخصة السيارة http://fawry.com/تجديد-رخصة-السيارة/ تجديد رخصة السيارة 1600 1
كارت الكهرباء http://fawry.com/شحن-كارت-الكهرباء/ شحن كارت الكهرباء 590 1
طريقة شحن كارت عداد الكهرباء 320 1
مخالفات http://fawry.com/دفع-مخالفات-المرور/ دفع مخالفات المرور 480 1
التليفون والانتنرنت http://fawry.com/دفع-فاتورة-التليفون-النت-شحن-الرصيد/ دفع فاتورة التليفون 2,900 5
دفع فاتورة الانترنت 480 1
دفع فاتورة التليفون الارضى 1300 4
كاش يو http://fawry.com/شحن-كاش-يو/ شحن كاش يو 210 1
طريقة شحن كاش يو 50 1

The final results of Fawry ranking were:

• 60 Keywords in the First position
• 127 Keywords in the top 3 positions
• 222 Keywords in the first page results

Top Fawy Keywords “in the first position”


Avg. Monthly Searches in Egypt
تجديد رخصة السيارة


التبرع لمستشفى 57357


دفع مخالفات المرور

شحن كارت الكهرباء


تجديد رخصة السيارة مصر

شحن كارت الكهرباء عن طريق النت


اجراءات تجديد رخصة السيارة


طريقة شحن كارت عداد الكهرباء


اماكن شحن كارت عداد الكهرباء


دفع المخالفات

تجديد الرخصة


كيفية التبرع لمستشفى 57357


رخصة السيارة


شحن كروت الكهرباء


اماكن شحن عداد الكهرباء


اماكن شحن كروت الكهرباء


تجديد رخصة السيارة عن طريق النت


شحن عداد الكهرباء عن طريق النت


Top Keywords in the first page


Avg. Monthly Searches in Egypt
مخالفات المرور


فاتورة التليفون


فاتورة التليفون الارضى


مخالفات مرور القاهرة



فواتير التليفون الارضى




شهادة مخالفات



دفع فاتورة التليفون


تجديد رخصة القيادة


تجديد رخصة القيادة مصر


تجديد رخصة السيارة

فاتورة الكهرباء شمال القاهرة


بيت الزكاة المصري


500 500


5) Build Landing Pages and Inner-Pages correctly

An effectively added inner-page that’s recently needed by customers may become the most visited and the most value for your brand.

We develop a (How to pay) section on Fawry website that includes 8 new valuable inner-pages.

6) SEO Audit

A detailed analysis of all what may affect the website’s Google rank using premium tools.

7) Optimize On-Page SEO

After choosing keywords, we optimize the Page title, Meta description, URLs, Heading tags, page content, Call To Action, internal links & external links and images in order to have the best chance to get found by your target market.

8) Optimize Off-Page SEO

We build different types of backlinks. For Example:

  • https://goo.gl/qdkvab
  • https://goo.gl/X3qtW5
  • https://goo.gl/savdmw
  • https://goo.gl/sgA5ub
  • https://goo.gl/1XVSFa

9) Build ads campaigns using Google AdWord

We set up search AdWord campaigns by targeting the right keywords by high-quality ads & landing pages and put the most efficient budget

Fawry campaigns working on more than 2000 keywords

  • AVG. Position in March: 1.3
  • AVG. Position from April till now: 1.0 – 1.1
  • AVG. CPC decreased half

10) Follow results and update

We Monitor the campaign results, notice feedback and update the ad.


Domain Authority Home Page Authority Alexa Rank # Backlinks Linking Domains


28 35 290k 2,441


April 29 36 265K 2,441


May 33 42 242K 3,088


June 36 43 238k 3,500


July 38 45 208K 4,183


Here are Fawry Traffic results in the 5 months campaign:

•All website traffic increase more than 4 times
•Organic traffic increase more than 5 times
•Paid traffic increase about 12 times

This 5 months SEO campaign saved a huge amount of money for Fawry, because SEO results will maintain Fawry’s position in the long-term.

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